Hello Blog


Starting to write a blog and figuring out something to say is easier said than done. Currently I am working full time as a visual merchandiser manager at a very well known retailer. I am a military spouse taking care of two boys and completing my M.F.A at The Academy of Art University (online) I have always wanted to work from home in a creative field and the double guessing myself often holds me back as does the security of a full time job and a steady income.

Since I can remember, I have always been imaginative, the kind of imaginative that allowed me to escape from the mundane, but the kind of imaginative that can often lead to disappointment in an ever changing world.

I have a great love for all art forms and have a huge passion for photography and illustration, I just wish I had more time to spend on these passions so I could share them with the world.

As a visual merchandiser I also harbor a deep fascination with fashion and design elements as a whole, so I have decided to incorporate a variety of my passions into my blog and if anyone stops by to read my blog i am happy that you are here and I hope you enjoy what you read.